Friday, May 14, 2010

You Don't Look Like Me

On top of all the other shenanigans going on, now Arizona is banning all ethnic studies courses in its public schools. It's okay to teach American History, or European History, but no Black or Hispanic History. And this because some shitheels decided it would be appropriate to teach an Hispanic Revolution course, allegedly advocating the overthrow of Whitey and The Man.

This blanket-bombing mentality is just beyond me. Rather than target the specific offending course, the state is saying no to all ethnic studies. And then they'll act all self-righteous when their motives are questioned.

This goes well beyond the Illegal Immigrant law, which at least has the benefit of motive behind it, even if it does impinge on the rights of citizens as well.

So gird your loins, America, there's more to follow. It's just a matter of time until Walter Mosely and Maya Angelou are banned from the public libraries.

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