Thursday, February 7, 2008

Busy Bees

People are refinancing their homes again. In droves, they're calling banks and mortgage companies, and even brokers, in order to get that lower rate.
Or, in many cases, they just want to keep their homes. In such instances, I want to ask, bet you didn't see this fiasco coming over the hill head-on in your lane when you got ass-fuck avaricious and overbought that monstrosity a couple years ago, did you?
And we blame the mortgage companies, though often justifiably. Oh, and of course, the ultra-left wingnuts try to find a way to fault the government for not being the properly invasive mother-hen they seem to need it to be in order to keep their flowerchild-wannabe ideals in appropriate alignment.
But where's the New York Times Sunday Business article bemoaning the greed-stewed, pretentious borrowers who went batshit on a real estate grabfest that could only, in a real world ruled by the laws of cause and effect, end in pitiful tragedy?

It feels good to capitalize on those irresponsible halfwits. And it feels good to tell them, sorry asshat, your credit's in the shitter and your home is worth just an eyelash above your loan balance, so this is where the lucky-bastard train conductor boots you off for non-payment of fare. Talk about win/win.

For me, not for them, the myopic twats.

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