Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thanks Oprah, now fuck off...

I wish Oprah Winfrey no ill will.
Really, I don’t. She can say and do whatever she wishes. Granted, I think her qualifications to play the role of literary critic and make or break books are laughably wanting. But it’s her show, her dime, and her time, so if people want to take her seriously, for whatever reason that might utterly escape me, then I say, hey, have at it, Hoss.
But the thing is, now she’s pushing this New Earth thingie, by some Eckhart Tolle fellow, he apparently also of the Power of Now. And all this, along with the now-passe The Secret, actually encourages me regarding the spiritual integrity of all those who are seeking some sort of fulfillment.
You see, people look to these Spiritual Systems because they’ve decided to exercise some independent thought and delve into just what empty spaces are not being filled by their current belief structures. They realize that their applicable Holy Books do not have all the answers, that no mortal man could possibly make the interpretations necessary from those writings in order to clearly delineate what was meant in those sacred tomes, and that the answers they’re seeking are muddied by all the theo-claptrap they’ve been force-fed all these decades.
This means that people are- gasp- questioning the very underpinnings of their religions, even if they are not fully, consciously aware of their doubts. They are realizing that the millennia-old and obsolete tenets of their religions are incapable of seamlessly applying to their real-life experiences, and that the inconsistencies and fallacies are about as appropriate for their questing spiritualities as blood-letting would be for their winter colds.
And so, for this, if for nothing else, I thank Oprah. She is providing a service, at least to Americans, and those of less devout, more intelligently thinking tendencies, by providing the conduit that will allow at least a trickle of new, experiential enlightenment to flow into their lives.
I have much more to say on this. But one post just won’t do it, not without boring the poor reader to proverbial tears. So I am going to go off on this in installments, and not likely regularly, but rather as I am able to do so.

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